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In a competitive area like Portsmouth a salon needs to have a point of difference, and at Hardysalon this has been achieved by creating two diverse experiences in one salon.

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Upstairs, the main space is designed to “scream quality without being pretentious”, according to co-owner David Bevan. Downstairs has its own identity: Bouffant Inc is a space designed for private pampering events and has a modern chic vibe similar to a classy cocktail bar.

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Of the overall ethos behind the salon, David says: “We are a premium high street salon and we absolutely put our clients at the heart of what we do. We do not want to be pretentious in any way and always try to create an atmosphere of splendour and fun. The feedback so far on social media acknowledges that we have achieved this.”

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Inspirations for the look of the upstairs salon are diverse, but are all about showcasing splendour. “Think stately homes, Coco Chanel, Gatsby and Audrey Hepburn,” says David.

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The colour scheme and décor for Hardysalon – including the royal blue and gold panelling – were influenced by a visit to The Ritz in London. Also making a bold statement is the flooring, which features a piano keys effect using black and white stripes with a high-gloss finish. Furniture, too, has been carefully selected to reflect the opulent theme. Says David: “We have a great relationship with a local antiques retailer in the city and we were able to source our mirrors and seating for our waiting area from there.”

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Downstairs in Bouffant Inc the look and feel is completely different. “We wanted to create an urban feel – a space that would be seen as cool and slick. There are a lot of high-gloss finishes and twinkly lights.”

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Bouffant Inc offers the salon’s main unique selling point, believes David. “Here we offer a personal blow-dry experience, offering a menu of signature looks created by the team. Clients get to choose the music they want, and their drinks, and get thoroughly pampered for their day or evening out.”

Pampering is certainly on the menu at Hardysalon – upstairs or downstairs.

Hardysalon: In Pictures

Hardysalon: In Brief

Name: Hardysalon Portsmouth

Address: Charter House, Lord Montgomery Way, Southsea, Hampshire

Owners: Rachel Hardy and David Bevan

Size: 900 sq ft over two floors

Time at the premises: Six months

Clientele: Quality-conscious and brand-aware individuals

Number of staff: 4

Number of styling stations: 8

Budget: £45,000

Πηγή: http://www.hji.co.uk